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■30883 / )  Re[25]: 純粋理性批判・B150
□投稿者/ pipit -(2023/05/29(Mon) 21:34:35)
    みなさまこんばんは♪ 次の一文ですー

    、、、、_(:3」z)_ ナガイ-

    But because a certain form of sensuous intuition exists in the mind à priori which rests on the receptivity of the representative faculty (sensibility), the understanding, as a spontaneity, is able to determine the internal sense by means of the diversity of given representations, conformably to the synthetical unity of apperception, and thus to cogitate the synthetical unity of the apperception of the manifold of sensuous intuition a priori, as the condition to which must necessarily be submitted all objects of human intuition.
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